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Just found out that a 3 cd box set featuring the Who, The Beatles, and other cool British groups is being released tomorrow.  I'm interning over at Universal, and just got the British Invasion set, and thought I wanted to give u guys the head up, enjoy, and let me know what you think

cheers  :P

Crazy Diamond:
What other bands?

I'm surprised that the Beatles were included in a box set with other bands. I've never seen that before. I think it has something to do with Capital, EMI, the boys themselves, or something. Keep us posted.

The End:
I haven't see the tracklisting yet, but it's usually the Tony Sheridan sessions that they use for compilations. As far as I know those are not under the copyright control of EM!/Apple.

The End is right.  It has to be that.  They can't get the licensing for the standard songs.


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