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Two Virgins was kind of interesting in parts.....reminded me of some weird Pink Floyd stuff from their early days....a lot of it was painful to the ears though, especially after long periods of time.....the second release was slightly more interesting, but still not all that great......I kind of like The Wedding Album though.....the "John...Yoko...John...Yoko" track really sounds lovely....and scary at times.....there's like that noise in the background of sorts that makes it sound so ominous. Yoko singing about peace with John whispering it in the background was kind of catchy....and it's cool to hear them talk about the bed ins afterwards....and I liked Yoko's bonus tracks on the cd yeah, Wedding Album, hands down.....most fun to listen to/best packaging/best bonus tracks.

The End:
I have all the Rykodisc re-issues of John and Yoko's 'avante garde' albums, but I have to admit I haven't actually listed to them much! The only one I have played more than once IS the Wedding Album - it was a while ago though! I bought Wedding on vinyl a good few years back and it really is a great package! I seem to recall side two of the album is made up of interviews at their bed-in at the Amsterdam Hilton... I might be wrong though, as I said, I haven't listened to this for YEARS! ;D


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