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Beatles Albums Boxed Set - Coming Soon!

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(7/10/04) Mark Nov. 16 on your calendar: That's the day, we're told, that a box set of the 1964 U.S. Capitol albums will be released on CD for the first time officially. (Released that year were "Meet the Beatles," "Something New," "The Beatles Story," "The Beatles' Second Album" and "Beatles '65," though we suspect the latter would be held for a 1965 box.)

Here's some details:

# Each CD will be remastered using 24 bit.
# Each cd will have the MONO and STEREO versions.
# 70 page Booklet.
# 50.00 list.

Sounds fab to me.  ;D

got any links to the official news?

This is just a rumor right now........but supposedly, there's good sources behind, this whole deal of rereleasing the US albums was brought up way back in January, I believe.

It's the top story at Beatles News Briefs.

The End:
I really hope this isn't a rumour! ;D


I hope this will see a worldwide release, not just a North American one. I would certainly buy it.


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