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Get back...Thanks Mo???


I always read/hear that Paul is saying Thanks Mo at the end of Get back, because he's referring to Maureen, who can be heard shouting the loudest...
But I never hear any shouting or Paul sayin Thanks which exact time is he sayin it??
or maybe it's only on the original, and not on the LIB Naked and "1"???

well I think, that you can hear maureen, can't you??
have you seen the film let it be????
perhaps you can hear/see maureen there on rooftop.

Paul says the Thanks Mo bit at the performance on the rooftop. You can see Maureen sitting next to Yoko at the right and when they finish, he says: Thanks Mo, beacuse she starts clapping hands so excitedly.

It's only on the LIB original soundtrack, not on the single (which had a different ending), nor "1" (which had the single) nor LIB-Naked (which eliminated any ending altogether).


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