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As you probley know The BEALES Let It Be NAKED! album just came out. I reallty want to get it but I'm not going to spend $20 for it. So I have Two Questions. One, what is really different about it. I know that its suppose to be the way the BEATLES wanted it to be realesd. But, how is it different from the original (withch I already have on CD and MP3 8) ). Two, were can I get it for cheep without piruting it.

Naked is the last album any Beatle fan should buy.Have you got all the others including the Anthologies and Past Masters?
If so, you can still wait a while.The album hasn't sold that well and will probably be cheaper in the future, maybe to tie in witn a DVD release.

John's naked version of "Don't let me down," is reason enough to purchase it.

The End:
Across the Universe sounds AWESOME on the LIBN album!

I think it's well worth buying, and certainly better than the alum Phil Spector produced! :)

Opinion is certainly divided though!

where do you live?? LIBN  is only $12 or $13  here in Florida, usa


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