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I've just read through the July edition of Uncut Magazine (hard to miss - big, cute piccy of Paul on the cover), which offers a + 18 pages interview entitled "McCartney: My life in the shadow of the Beatles". In spite of the gloomy title I really recommend it to everyone.

It really changed my view on many things - he talks about everything from his relationship with John to Beatles-period drugs, sex, John's legacy, his ill-gotten reputation, everybody analyzing what the Beatles were, fear of death - really tons of stuff. I found it very interesting, lots of Beatles information, and I'm starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, he isn't as uncomplicated and dull as I've been led to be believe.

There's a fair bit of padding by the interviewer in the beginning, but I really thought it was a good interview. Any views?

I also have this magazine! It's very interessting!!!!!!!!!

The End:
Thanks for the info - I will buy it forthwith!!! By the way, what's on the free CD this month? :)

[quote by=The_End,m=1089623303,s=2 date=1089634185]By the way, what's on the free CD this month? :)[/quote]
Songs Paul himself are a fan of - and any CD with both his own Calico skies and Brian Wilson's God only knows can't be too bad in my eyes (though I try to hide the fact I haven't heard of many of the other artists ;))


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