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How to Play: One person gives a line from any Beatles song. The next person has to guess what song it is and if they get it right, then they get to give a line. The more obscure the line, the better the game will be, i.e., don't say "I want to hold your hand". Instead say, "I'll tell you something I think you'll undetstand."

P.S.: We're using the honor system here, so no cheating and checking the lyrics. If you don't know it off hand, you don't know it.

I'll start.

"Take a good look around you. Take a good look you're bound to see."

An Apple Beatle:
Martha My Dear!!!!
ok, try this...

Please Don't Be Long, Please Don't You Be Very Long.

Blue Jay Way

Why should I feel the way I do?

It's Only Love

You're correct, there's nobody there...

Only A Northern Song

They run and hide their heads.


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