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An Apple Beatle:
[quote by=tkitna,m=1089685021,s=0 date=1089685021]Sweet!,5478,10124133%255E1702,00.html[/quote]

Nice Find!...Both of you. lol

Yes, I just read this in a Norwegian newspaper. It's a bit of an encouragment - if you can come over these things at a regular market, think of what else might be out there, undiscovered!

I hope some kind person will think of us regular fans and make them available in some way, instead of just going into some fatcat's private collection...

sharing is what its all about too.i share all my stuff.i burn videos compilations for the moondogs once every half year.they respond well.being from american means the early years are cloudy to us.for instance i wanna know more about lonnie donagaen,the undertakers,the shawdows and screaming lord sutch.too.
an a different note how good could the stuff they give mal be?i know he had to get some rare things but probally what the boys considered cast offs maybe.i will wait.keep us informed please........and thanks for sharing that.......

The End:
It took me ages to access that link!!!! In case anyone else has trouble, I've copied the text:

Beatles find at Aussie market
From correspondents in London
13 Jul 04

PREVIOUSLY unheard songs by the Beatles could be among a treasure trove of material related to the band found inside an old suitcase at an Australian flea market, a report said today.
Beatles experts had yet to properly examine the cache - thought to have once belonged to one of the British band's close associates - but hoped tapes within it could contain new material, the Times newspaper said.

Bought in Lara, near Melbourne, earlier this year, the battered suitcase cost a British holidaymaker just $50, The Times said.

Fraser Claughton was simply looking for a cheap suitcase to carry his possessions, but snapped up the case when he saw it contained a jumble of around 400 photographs, concert programs and sealed tapes marked "Abbey Road" - the Beatles' favoured recording studio.

"It was like finding the end of the rainbow in Australia," Mr Claughton was quoted as saying by the paper.

Experts told The Times that it was believed the case contained the long-lost archive of Mal Evans, who worked as a sometime sound recordist and additional musician for the Beatles, and died in 1976.

Rumours of his collection, which he compiled for a planned but never completed memoir, have circulated among Beatles collectors for years.

Among tapes inside the case were alternative versions of well-known songs such as We Can Work It Out and some new material, a pop memorabilia consultant for auctioneers Christie's told The Times.

"It certainly does tie in with Mal Evans. He had access to the Beatles making music when there was no one else around," Peter Doggett said.

"There has been much debate as to what happened to his memorabilia. It is possible that this is it, or part of it."

One four-and-a-half hour recording on reel to reel tape in the suitcase includes Beatles Paul McCartney and John Lennon talking as they experiment with previously unknown versions of songs, the paper added.

The archive could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds if sold, Mr Doggett said.


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