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Could you guys explain something?

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Why does no one seem to like the early beatles stuff?

I won't comment as of now because I'd like to see what other people think

The End:
I absolutely LOVE their early stuff!!!! ;D

It is equally as important as most of their later releases, and just as innovative.

An Apple Beatle:
It's a matter for personal taste. Me personally, I discovered the early stuff when I was very young. Into my influential teenage years I discovered that there was more than the red album. I began to think I was COOL for knowing much more of the later stuff than my friends. Obviously I was'nt that cool but I'm highlighting that everyones journey with the Beatles must feel like a personal one.

As a result I think there seemed more to discover later on, lyrically, image, beliefs, art. They seemed to break the corporate shackles of their suits.
Now I know that there is so much early Beatle songs I still have to familiarise with. 

The best way I can describe coming from my point of view is that The Beatles songs mean something different every day. You can grow into them, out of them and then back in. Something happens and all of a sudden you can hear the words/music differently.

I'm sure other people will have their explanations.
All The best!!!! Interesting topic.

I too love it.

I think those who came to the music later didn't have the real-time expereience of living with each new release topping the next.  When those early songs hit they were the most exciting thing around.  Then they actually got hotter and hotter year after year.

When you listen now after so much time has gone by they sound old, quaint, etc.  but regardless, they are good songs, very well performed.

In a strange way, I generally adore their early cover version rather than their early self-written songs. In their early period they did sometime strike gold writing (I still think Please please me is one of their greatest songs ever), but personally I've been listening more to Live at the BBC than, for instance A hard day's night.

But then again, when I first became a fan, I bought all their later records - and I'm starting to discover the wonder of their earlier stuff now.


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