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Face Lift?


The End:
I've read a few articles recently which made reference to Paul's face-lift. Face-lift? What face-lift? I haven't read anything about that at all... unless it happened while I was on holiday when I didn't have access to any newspapers.

Is this story true and official, and if so where can I read about it with my very own, very shocked eyes?! :)

It looks like he had some work done.  Not very good work on his hair dye, but primarily his eyes (the jowls still seem prevalent).

I thought it was pretty clear he has had some work done, but I'm not sure when he started it. I don't think it's a big deal though - it's not like he's trying to sell records based on looks like most young pop singers these days...

I thought it seemed a bit mysterious watching the different extra goodies at the Live at the Cavern DVD, as he really seemed to be changing age a bit drastically from clip to clip.


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