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Which of these two songs do you like best ? I think both illustrate Paul could still write a very catchy pop song well into his middle age , and although neither were big hits both of them reached # 18 on the UK charts .
They should rank in my opinion with some of his big Wings hits ? :)

Ive gone with Hope Of Deliverance as i love the rhythm , it reminds me a bit of George's My Sweet Lord ?

Hope Of Deliverance was a big hit for Paul in Germany reaching # 3 on there chart in 1993  :)

I chose 'Hope Of Deliverance' also. I like both a lot though.

Funnily enough, he's not been that high in the UK chart since either of these two. I vote for Hope Of Deliverence mainly because I always thought I hated it until I saw the vid on VH1 a few months back. Nice surprise.


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