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Author Topic: The New Mark Lewisohn Books  (Read 21779 times)

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Re: The New Mark Lewisohn Books
« Reply #180 on: Today at 12:41:02 PM »

Well, this is the reason why I always thought that this significant task should have been given to a team of (serious and selected) Beatle historians instead of the poor shoulders of one man alone. 30 years (maybe more), it's really a gigantic work ! (and of course this has nothing to do with Mark's incontestable qualities to finish the task successfully).

But, as said Zipp, it is essentially a matter of timing. A good team of qualified Beatle historians (under the supervision of Mark Lewisohn of course) would perfectly do the job. And you would get the books much more earlier !

This practice is very current in the French University where many books are written by teams of good specialists (each one writing his own chapter or maybe more) under the direction of one or two professors. Of course, the whole work is regularly standardized so that there is no (or little) difference in the writing styles.

I sincerely think that would be a good solution for all.

Eric  ;)

I will have forgotten most of part 1 when part 2 comes out. Good to see you around, Eric. Have you got anything Beatles coming up bookwise?

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