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Bill Harry:
Marshall has been on to me for some time to join a forum so that I can answer questions from Beatles fans. I must admit that I'm something of a recluse these days. I do get asked to become involved in various things, but I have to be careful. I have only been to one or two conventions because friends specifically asked me, but I haven't been to many. I also write a great deal for various Beatles fanzines - literally hundreds of articles over the decades and, of course, I never charge because they are friends and also to help out whenever I can. But, as I said, I have to be careful. for some reason you do get the people who say I am 'cashing in on the Beatles.' In fact, I notice one comment to that effect in the forum on Mersey Beatles.

bill if anyone deserves to cash in on the beatles,i am sure you would be included...there are some factors that earn you the rights to do don't let some random moron tint your veiw towards the rest of us....thanks for climbing on board...i would love to shank off work and post and read more but the bills gotta be paid
peace marshall

On behalf of the management of this theatre, welcome Bill. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here!

Welcome to the board, Bill.

Its great to have you here Bill. Welcome and I hope you stay awhile.


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