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Paul Doherty:
Has anyone read this? Think the author is Goldman? Really shocking stuff in there about John and Yoko...some of it was really hard to believe,but all round im still in shock by what i read.
If he made up some of the stuff....why?
If he,Yoko's attitude when John died etc.....shocking.
I've read before that this book caused a storm when it came out......anyone read it?

An Apple Beatle:
Yeah I got a copy bought for me. I think it's a good read. Lots of the general facts in their with a bit of gossip to sell the book. everyone likes a new revelation...Especially the publishers.

Paul Doherty:
I think he pushed the whole'John was bisexual' thing a bit too much.But it was  a bit shocking reading about John had always hated the idea about being cremated and left a will in 1979 totally going against this stating he wished to be buried,only for Yoko to go against his word.And in the book,Yoko was too distraught to tell she asked one of her staff.....and when Sean asked to see his Dad for the last time it was too late,Yoko had him cremated within hours.Mental if true.......

The book is defo against Yoko...saying she secretley got married after John's death,letting the guy wear Johns clothes and styling his hair like Johns?????

Defo a good read though,i agree there are some great little facts among the gossip indeed.

The End:
Many, many years ago, I went to an exhibition of John Lennon's art, organised by Richard Branson, at which Yoko was in attendance. As well as prints of John's art, there was a lot of Beatle merchandise on sale too, including many Beatle books supplied by the Virgin Megastore. However, Richard Branson refused to allow this particular book to be sold at the art exhibition - good on him!

In my less enlightened days, I did something bad to this book in WHSmiths!! I am alternately very embarrassed and proud of that fact! LOL ;D  

Paul Doherty:
It must have really hit a nerve if Branson did that...........go on then....what did you do to the book?..................ya rebel ;D


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