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--- Quote from: Dcazz on December 25, 2012, 01:20:14 PM ---Looks a bit scary to be on the road over there.
I had a freind who went to a college in Moscow in the 80's and he told me he hailed a cab once and when he told him where he wanted to go the cabbie said" I get you there" and turned around by driving full speed across the median. The winsheild smashed out when he hit the curb and he turned around still going and said" Don't worry, i get you there" and procceeded to drive full speed to his destination covered with glass. We cried laughing!

--- End quote ---

Sounds like a comedy movie  ha2ha

Yes, a bit scary sometimes. Maybe this is why I don't have a car and use subway  roll:)


--- Quote from: Dmitry on December 25, 2012, 07:25:30 PM ---Sounds like a comedy movie  ha2ha

Yes, a bit scary sometimes. Maybe this is why I don't have a car and use subway  roll:)

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I like Subway too, especially the new chicken fillet ones...;D

Me too. I don't eat mammals, so the chicken is good for me.

Poor fat cat



Roo wreaks havoc in office
Jennifer Eliot
© The Cairns Post
AN Atherton psychologist got the fright of her life yesterday when a large kangaroo busted into her office and forced her to leap on to a desk for safety.
The 1.5m roo created more than six minutes of havoc at the office shared by psychologist Suzanne Habib and disability employment agency, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services Australia.
But the drama did not end there.
The escaping roo bolted out of the office and nearly knocked over an elderly woman using a walking fame to make her way along Railway Lane before the frightened animal headed up Jack St.
Pictures: Cairns wildlife
Ms Habib said it was a huge surprise to be greeted by a kangaroo.
"Normally it’s very quiet and orderly in my office," she said.
"But it came without a referral or an appointment.
"My heart was pounding like anything.
"I don’t know where it came from or where it went."
More weird news
CRS regional employment liaison officer Tony Baddock said the morning had started off normally and was rocked by a loud scream by Ms Habib.
He rushed into her office and found the psychologist calling for help while standing on her desk as the roo desperately tried to escape through metal bars on the window.
"It must have come in through the door and then went into Sue’s office without her seeing it and then all of a sudden it leapt up," he said.
"I had to help her over the desk so she could get past it and then I headed it out of the office."
Tableland Printing Service owner Colleen McIvor caught the tail end of the action when she came to the aid of the elderly woman.
"It was coming down the street really fast," she said.
"He didn’t even baulk at us and he was really agitated."


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