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RIP Arthur C Clarke & Anthony Minghella

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An Apple Beatle:
What a blow yesterday was......2 great men have left the rock.....Love Arthurs C's reccomendations that man kick the oil habit.
Anthony a fellow Isle of Wighter was also a great inspiration to those whose iives he touched.

Goodbye, Art! I worked at a computer company that had his letter on our wall, pride of place in the front lobby (he was one of our customers, before portable computers were popular). A great man.  

Arthur C Clarke was one of my two favorite science fiction writers (JG Ballard is the other). Thank you for all of it, Sir Arthur; you pointed me toward a lot of marvelous things.

Two great men.
Arthur Clarke died at the age of 90 and in Sri Lanka, where he lived because he wanted to explore the see and loved diving. I think he had so full life that he passed away happy and peaceful.
Bur Minghella was only 54 and that's such a pity. "The English Patient" was a film that shook me and change my conception about love, I'll never forget it.

condolences to all those concerned...


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