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... Or "most well-known song" might suit the query better.

I was talking with a friend of mine (non-fan) about the Beatles solo careers, where she told me that they all, post-Beatles, had made at least one great song non-fans could keep as a quick-reference, so to speak, about which is which.

Her list:
John had Imagine of course
George had Got my mind set on you and My sweet Lord
Ringo had, well, I pointed out Photograph but she hadn't heard it...
But she couldn't tell Paul's most well-known song - she had heard a handfull, but didn't know which to pick for her little list.

I couldn't really say, because of a total coincidence I grew up listening mostly to Pipes of peace, which she hadn't heard of at all (Keep in mind she is my age)

So what do you think? What is Paul's greatest non-Beatle hit, for my friend's quick-reference list? :) We had to simplify this whole list, although I'd wish she could listen to more of it...

Band on the Run is by far his most well known solo least stateside, anyway.

An Apple Beatle:
Live n Let Die has to be up there for me.

He is well known in UK for Mull Of Kintyre. I think that was his most comercially successfull solo tune over here. .....(I may be wrong.) Not the biggest fan of that tune but it's an endearing Macca track.

Mull of Kintyre wasn't on an album though.......Band on the Run was a hit single and part of a big I think it's been at least played more/more widely known around the world than any other Paul song.....Live and Let Die, Kintyre, Maybe and Jet would probably round out the top five.

MULL OF KINTYRE does stand as his biggest hit, in England, though.

In general, I'd say his biggest or best known solo song is probably MAYBE I'M AMAZED.


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