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The Beatles had seven "Big " best seller's in either America or the Uk during their recording career , what was it that caught the record buying public's imagination with these singles as apposed to there other hits , why did these songs go on to sell more than there other recordings ?
And which one of these million + seller's wins your popularity vote and why ? (rolling4)

I Want To Hold Your Hand , gets my vote it's got world domination written all over it , i can hear the cash register's ringing.

This was tough. I adore the energy of "She Loves You", but I went with "Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out " because I think it's just a more interesting song-- great hook and music, but a little more intriguing. So, raw playful energy vs. coy power. Tough choice!

Day Tripper/WCWIO for me.
This was when the Beatles started to become way ahead of the field. They started doing singles that had exceptional songs on both sides while simultaneously bringing out an amazingly creative album (in the UK at least).
This was to lead to total world artistic domination with Penny Lane/SFF and Sgt. Pepper.

Hey Jude- I think this is what was meant by "anthem" before the word became a term of abuse for songs popular in football stadiums. It's a song that just spreads outwards and outwards and sounds like it wants to embrace everything. Perfect.


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