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Author Topic: " Revolver " Old Hat ?  (Read 4898 times)

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Re: " Revolver " Old Hat ?
« Reply #20 on: July 18, 2009, 04:54:41 AM »

I think it's just a matter of you over listening to the album. Any album will get old if you listen to it too much. Variety is good. As much as I love The Beatles (my favorite band ever) I don't just listen to The Beatles, y'know? That would get old fast. And I definitely don't just listen to one Beatles album over and over again. I like to go away from them and then come back and they are fresh and exciting all over again. The amazing thing about The Beatles stuff is that I can keep coming back to it and it still sounds fresh to me.

Right now I'm trying not to listen to any Beatles stuff actually because I want 9/9/9 to be fresh.
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