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Try and play DM's own Trivia Quiz every day! Ten questions every day, differing from easy to hard. But besides giving the right answer, there's a clock ticking as well! Whoever gets the most right answers and in the fastest time, wins! You can play every day of the week, but only once a day. There's a weekly competition as well.

Give it a try! You have to subscribe, but it's free. You can find DM's Daily Quiz here: DM'S DAILY QUIZ!

Good idea. And now the official DM's quiz, as mine has now been cancelled due to a stunning lack of interest!

The Swine:
i thought we had till sunday to fill in our forms

Technically, you do, but there's really not enough people taking part to warrant putting it together. If by some small miracle 8 or 9 more people send in answers by Sunday, then I'll consider doing another round, but otherwise I'm not very inspired.

It seems that the questions are too difficult for some people. I thought the questions would inspire some of our younger members to do some research, and learn something about The Beatles, but it hasn't worked out that way. And once again, there are many regular members who don't take part in these things. I'll certainly think twice before doing something like that again.

Alright. I'll be sending in some answers before Sunday. They were pretty hard I must admit. The Daily Quiz is an automatic generated quiz which runs by itself...


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