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if John lennon wouldnt have gotten shot.... do you think the beatles would have gotten together and gone on tour. Like 20 or 25 years later. I think it might have happened. That wouldve been great wouldnt it ....

I don't know about a tour, but I'd bet they would have played together at least once by now, for LIVE AID or something. I'm actually glad they never reunited because they went out on top and there was no chance for mediocrity.

went out on top????????

rock was headed out it seemed like in the late 60s early seems folk and other lighter genres of music were becoming more donavan,bob whats his face.there were good rock bands but don't you think the byrds and others over shawdowed true rock????it seems stalled then.


--- Quote ---went out on top????????
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Of course. They never had a bad record, and ABBEY ROAD was their last. Other than the MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR film they never had a misfire. Why take a chance of ruining that with a mediocre comeback?

What are you talking about?


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