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Paul McCartney's final album & tour

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Wayne L.:
I think this to be Paul McCartney's final album & final tour since he's not getting any younger, even though I expect him to make ocassional live appearances afterward similiar to the Concert For George, I know some of my fellow Beatles fans don't like to hear it but I think some of them know it's true.  I would like for Paul to play Helter Skelter live once & for all for his generations of fans on his upcoming tour because he shouldn't let the Manson murders back in 69 dictate to him whether to do this hard rock gem from his Beatles days.

The End:
Paul has just announced some more European dates - nowhere near me though unfortunately! :(

I hope he comes to America once more then, to Florida specifically :(

Well, if you see how energetic Paul still is on the Back In The US dvd, I expect he'll be touring for at least another 10 years... And I hope he will.

Mmmm... I wouldn't say 10 years... I would probably say 5.   But He is in great condition.


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