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Phil Collins Retire's

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who's phil collins?

mr kite:
Exactly  ;D

no, honestly, who's phil collins?

mr kite:
He was a drummer for a not very good prog rock band called Genisis , and Peter Gabriel , saw the light [get it] and he left and so Mr phill collins took over the singing and it was all down hill from then on , then lord the 80s came and he did some solo stuff . which was even worse than the genisis stuff and he was a tank top yuppie loved pop star and did a lot of bad acting and then he played with the gods Led Zeppelin and lord he messed that up , so much , the Zepp never played again for years and years , and so he has hung up his drum sticks , yes thats right the Kite will not miss him at all .
I Thank You .

I excelled myself there DaveRam  :P

hehe...so he was a not-very-good drummer!!!! i know some of those! ;D


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