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fan numero uno:
I love all the beatles, but if i had to pick one, it would definetly be Paul. I like him because of the mystery of the "Paul is dead" mystery and what not. What about you? Who and why?

I like them all but paul just appeals to me more. :P

i cant choose one! i mean, they are all crazy+fun in their own ways.

Sgt. Pepper 45822:
I choose George, because I think he was dreamy back in the day, around hard day's night, and I always went for the quiet types. Plus his sense of humor was awesome!

I really do love them all, because each one has their own different personality.  They all seem like they would be so much fun to hang out with and seem easy to get along with.
I think George was super hot and I love his voice and sense of humor. So, I pick George as my favorite.


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