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There's might be thread like this already, so sorry for going in circles. Does any one want to help make a comprehensive list of fake or extremely beatlesque songs? Like supposedly real but unbootlegged songs and the like. Or just plain out fakes such as "Pink Litmus Paper Shirt". Here's a few suggestions to get you started=
1. Have You Heard The Word? by The Fut
2. Lullaby (For A Lazy Day) once AKA "Sgt. Pepper Circus" by Grapefruit
3. Lonely Like A Rainbow by "Cohen" And The Shatner's Basson Band
4. (The Infamous) Peace Of Mind/The Candle Burns by ?
I know getting exicted over fake Beatles songs must seem strange, but I really got into it after my "Paul Is Dead" phase was finished. I think every fan dreams of discovering a musty trunk full of lost tapes, I know I
do, it must be the Indiana Jones in me. FIY as well, I mean unconfirmed songs, as I know "Carnival Of Light" is
an actual confirmed song. By Beatlesque I mean songs that are supposed to be passed off as The Beatles, not
Beatles inspired, though that line can get fuzzy.


--- Quote from: 1309 ---4. (The Infamous) Peace Of Mind/The Candle Burns by ?

--- End quote ---

Cosidered to be either Pink Floyd or The Pretty Things.

Off the top of my head theres' 'Oh, I Need You', supposed to have been recorded around Feb '69 at Abbey Road. Thought to be The Beatles because it's quite Lennonesque. Most likely to be a band called Mortimer, who George was going to sign for Apple. Sounds like a low quality demo.

Then there's a one minute clip doing the rounds purporting to be an edit from 'Carnival Of Light'. Recorded in 2000 by 'Lord of Boothferry'.

Klaatu is a band that springs to mind when thinking of possible Beatles songs. Their first album - sounding very Beatlesesque - was released without any band information, leading to rumours that it was a reunited Beatles. Bobber can fill you in on that more than I.


"Peace Of Mind":- Blatant Forgery or Undiscovered Beatles Song

By Patrick MacKeown

I used to be in the habit of picking up Beatle bootlegs whenever I came across them in various fairs or dodgy record stores around the country. These second, third or even fourth generation tapes had usually been transferred from some bootleg vinyl, and would invariably vary in quality from laughingly nowhere-near-CD-quality to distant muffled singing over the sound of several bags of hissing snakes.

These tapes usually contained out-takes, rehearsals or demos of previously released The Beatles material, and as such not only provided me with a unique insight into the song-writing and recording processes of the Fab Four, but also of their musical ability, and indeed lack of in some cases.

Occasionally though, you would find a real little gem, such as a previously unreleased song, and that was always a thrill. Sometimes you could understand why these songs were dumped, like the truly awful

About Have You Heard The Word

I had put this on the bootlegsection, but as some members don't go there (unfortunately...), I thought I'd post it here too. I found this on another forum and thought it might be interesting.

Anyone else have a opinion on this released track in the late 1960's who everyone thought was The Beatles. The track is found on various bootlegs as well.

A legitimate release !
"Have You Heard The Word" regularly appears on Beatles Bootlegs as a 'long lost' Beatles recording.
Here follows the true story, and full details of the recording and subsequent releases.
Two Australians Steve Kipner and Steve Groves arrived in England early in 1969 and were signed by Maurice Gibb for his new production company under the band name of "Tin Tin". Maurice Gibb already knew Steve Kipner, as Steve was the son of Nat Kipner, who had been involved with the Bee Gees last Australian album, plus Steve had recorded the Gibb song "Little Miss Rhythm and Blues" with his band "Steve and the Board."

Kipner and Groves had written a song entitled "Have You Heard The Word" which they intended to record at their next recording session at which Maurice Gibb was due to produce. At the rehearsal session in August 1969 at the I.B.C. studio in London, Maurice arrived with his wife (at the time), Lulu, and her brother Billy Laurie, plus most importantly for this destined for legendary status session, a bottle of Johnnie Walker scotch !

The bottle was consumed by all, which left the band too drunk to sing, so just for a joke the two Steve's, Maurice Gibb and Billy Laurie put on headphones and crowded around the studio mike. Using a backing track for the intended song that had been recorded earlier by Kipner and Groves, they launched into a Beatles impersonation (with deliberation). The only recording was made live, with no overdubs made afterwards. Basically, it was just a good laugh ... a good sing-song ... then everyone went home.

The song was NOT intended for release, and the tape of the session's movement from the studio to the cutting room is unknown, although I suspect a recording engineer somewhere out there could complete that part of the story.

The track appeared on a single in 1970 on the Beacon label (catalogue number BEA 160), which although could be bought through legitimate record shops (as indeed I did), it is now considered to be a slightly unofficial release. Under the unknown band name of The Fut, the word on the streets was that this WAS a Beatles "undercover" release.
The instrumental B-side, "Futting", is reported as being an unrelated piece of filler.
In May 1974 Abigail Music registered a US copyright for Kipner and Groves of the song.

From then on, the track appeared firstly on the bootleg album "Have You Heard The Word" on the infamous CBM label (catalogue number WEC 3624) in 1975 see it here, followed by many other Boots over the years.

One final twist to the saga of "Have You Heard The Word", is that Yoko Ono also registered a U.S. copyright under Lenono Music for John Lennon on 20th September 1985 !

That all said, it IS a very good song that at the time was definately spot on in the Beatle style of words and music, and is worthy of being in the core collection of any Beatles fan.

Discussions here:
I have this song on the hdd and will try to post it tomorrow.


--- Quote from: 483 ---Klaatu is a band that springs to mind when thinking of possible Beatles songs. Their first album - sounding very Beatlesesque - was released without any band information, leading to rumours that it was a reunited Beatles. Bobber can fill you in on that more than I.
--- End quote ---

I might.  ;D  I will write an essay about Klaatu one of these days. Quite busy at the moment.


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