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I think I remember reading in a magazine years ago that George's objection was that the track was never intended for the Beatles, but since I can't remember who said it (it wasn't George), I'm afraid that's not much as evidence. Ian MacDonald doesn't give any reason for his categorical statement that "Carnival Of Light" will "never" be released, so I'm inclined to write that off as authorial speculation- but that isn't to say that time won't prove him to be perfectly correct anyway.

Thanks for those essays on peace of mind and have you heard the word Bobber. I have these, bought the bootlegs cos of them when wet behind the ears back in the mid 70s and i'm over it now but quite sorry they don't belong to the Beatles as I liked them and I still do. I even wrote all the words down to them and so it was good to get clarification of them on that piece above.

Another couple of songs I have on a bootleg, now no longer attributed to the Beatles are:

People say and I'm Walking.


sounds  like Badfinger


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