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Hello all,

Let me give you an introduction on my motivations for posting here. For my audiovisual-media-school I'm making a short video-item on the show the Beatles gave in Blokker, Holland on June 5/6th. The idea is to use footage of hall as it is now, and combine it with footage of the actual gig. I've been given authorization to film at the location, but I'm having a hard time finding quality footage of the original show. For some reason I was sure it was included on the Anthology DVDs (Chapter 3 - the part where they are in Holland), but there's only footage of the TV show they gave in Amsterdam. I guess I saw it on some other DVD... I found some video's on YouTube of the show, and I recognized it, so I'm pretty sure I've seen it before on DVD.

Now my questions are:
- Does anyone know if one of the original Beatle DVDs contains footage of the Blokker show? (Doesn't matter how much, even if it's only brief)
- Does anyone know if there's another source for video material of this show? (+YouTube quality)

I really hope someone can help, I would appreciate it!


Hi Mark,
I could do this in Dutch of course, but as this is an international forum I will try to answer you in English.  ;D

First of all, I think that on Anthology there's footage of the Beatles in Studio Treslong at Hillegom and of the boat trip through the Amsterdam Canals. There were two shows on June 6th. One in the afternoon, which was hastly organised by Radio Veronica and therefor not sold out. And one in the evening, which was sold out. Ringo Starr did not come along on the trip to Holland as he had to deal with tonsilitis and was replaced by Jimmy Nicol. They stayed overnight at the Doelen Hotel in Amsterdam, but they never gave a concert in the city. I do have some photomaterial and articles if you're interested. There is of course a lot of footage on YouTube, like this:

Search for 'Beatles' in combination with 'Blokker' and there will be a lot. Other official sources in Holland might by Polygoon Journaal en Beeld En Geluid, but those sources may have copyrights to the material. I'm not sure about dvd's, but I will have a look around. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!  ;D

There's audio material available as well, containing the interviews and recordings of the live shows. I can upload those if you want them.

haha, nice film strip. I will do the quotes in Dutch, but how the voice over pronounced it, very funny  ;D
I liked: Om de spijbelende jongeren voor verdrinking te behoeden. en The beatles lieten zich zoals overal waar zij keerds kwamen the enthousiaste hulde gaarne welgevallen  ;D.
OOk hoe hij dat liedje uileggenden: Dat zij nooit met een ander zullen dansen. Ja dat kan idd erg letterlijk  :)
Allright, my other post will be in English again :)

Harry Lime:
The history tv show 'Andere Tijden' has also featured a longer version of the 'Beatles Visit to Holland' which seems to be found in a lost archive. All Andere Tijden shows can be viewed online at


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