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Show in Blokker, Holland

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There's a set of dvd's as well, I think released by Dutch Beatles historica Azing Moltmaker.

Great clip. That's my kind of party! I love how the audience was singing along. That looked like a great concert.

Thanks for all the replies. I already found the clips on YouTube, the voice-over is funny indeed. And they're also perfect, content-wise. There's also a The only problem is that I need better quality if I want to use it in my movie (at least VHS-quality).

I've also found this one. If this had better video-quality it would be perfect. Anybody happen to know more about the source. Google didn't bring up any interesting hits on MMRecordings...

Once again, thanks for the replies.

I think VARA.

Yes, I believe VARA holds the rights to the 'official' material. But I think the MMrecordings film on YouTube is made by someone who compiled all the available footage, and combined/synched it with yet another audio source. Would be great to have that one in DVD quality.


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