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Which Beatles album do you think showcased them best as one group instead of four individuals.  This does not have to be your favorite album, but just the one that you think is both great and shows the Beatles working together at their best.  As always include why you say so.

P.S. single may be included in you reason, so if you choose revolver, Paperback Writer and Rain can be included as Revolver tracks.  Strawberry fields and Penny Lane w/ Sgt. pepper.  Etc.

I'm going to take a stab and say 'Help!'

They all four collaborated together and they were just starting to break out of their 'poppy' Beatles image. Plus they started smoking pot and the creativity was starting to hit.

Help, RS and Revolver.....that period seemed to be when everybody had a nice slice of involvement in the projects...

I'd say RS

I'd say between AHDN, Help and Rubber Soul.
In Revolver they started to work separately, like Paul with Eleanor Rigby and John with Tomorrow Never Knows


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