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tie me kangroo down sport?

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umm i just found this downloadin songs,, any1 else hear it or got sum explination for it? im a lil confused

its from a show done by frank ifeild.there is a vee jay album called the beatles and frank ifeild.this song is on it.i think he was a comic or a singer-comedian combo.he is from england i to reveal more alan?

If your talking about the song "Tie me kangaroo sport" this song was done by The Beatles and Rolf Harris on one of the BBC Radio programs like "Pop go The Beatles" I dont have it front of me now, But i'll get the name of the show and the date it aired. I have it on a 10 cd set of The Beatles Complete BBC sessions.

You have a funny soundclip from it here:

BBC Liverpool

It's a bit down the page - it definately made me chuckle when I first heard it ;)

The End:
Yeah, it was from a Christmas special of their radio show From Us To You... I think. The host was indeed Rolf Harris, an Australian comedian/singer/artist who was very big in England (and still is!). Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport was one of Rolf's hits and on the show, the Beatles joined him in a comedy version of the song, which was broadcast complete with the hilarious mistakes. John's comments at the end always crack me up, he says in a very fake childrens-presenter voice "and you forgot the ending, didn't you Rolf"!


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