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there is like four hours of the rock and roll sessions that i have been listening to for the first time in a while.i think my baby left should have made the album but am kinda thankful be my baby and angel baby did know her is to love her was awful.round and round is definitely out of place too.have you heard of boot sessions coming out?as album wraps?


 "Be My Baby" is possibly one of my all-time favorite John-sung moments ever. Its absolute perfection. I am too distraught at the moment to even consider the others you mentioned, but I can say I absolutely disagree with you on BMB. I cherish that song.

PC are there any titles you can share so i can search out  the discs for my own collection? Were you talking about "My baby left me" The old blues song that Elvis cut in "56"? I did'nt know John did this song for the R n R sessions.

c'mon share it pc

it has 3 parts over 200,000 megs takes awhile.the user,hari scruffs is as elusive as brains are in waynes head.kidding wayne.once i get it all i will mail it to you rick.....the 3rd part is john on the radio as a guest d.j. introducing each song.


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