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An Apple Beatle:
Hi all, sorry to offend anyone in a spammy way. Thought I'd share the set-list I'm gonna perform this Sat....Can't f*ing wait!!! Could be a one off gig, who knows? Hopefully I can post up a pic after sat. I have kinda tried to go chronological but always get mixed up with the singles etc. If anyone would want to correct, please feel free. Please note that Sgt. Peppers is out of order for 1st song impact effect. Lol. PLease add any suggestions for maybe future gigs. We've basically gone for what the 4 of us could get together with the best vibe. Dream come true putting this together.

Sgt Pepper. Intro (With outro endong. No 'Billy Shears' bit)

Please, please, Me
She Loves You
A Hard Days Night
You Can't Do That
Can't Buy Me Love
Norweigan Wood
The Word
Ticket To Ride
Drive My Car
She Said
Dr. Robert
Helter Skelter
I've Got A Feeling
Come Together
Don't Let Me Down

Abbey Rd,  (Mean Mr. Mustard - The End)

Hey Jude.

My beard is now nearly as thick as 'Let it Be' Macca and i can't wait to get the mystery tour type tank-top on..........PLay On!!!!!!!!

The End:
Wow! I am extremely envious! Hope all goes well :)

I like the setlist :)

An Apple Beatle:
Cheers guys. Managed to get massive projection screen (cinema style) to show all archive shots of the fabs while we perform. Cannay wait!!

Thanks for the support!!! Appreciated.

An Apple Beatle:
The gig was a corker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Woooooo!!!!


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