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I found this in my inbox:

Hallo liber Beatles FAN !
Jezt haben wir WAS fuer SIE:
"The Beatles Collection Box Set"
"The Beatles Collection Box Set"
In luxury Box aus massiven Holz (Die Linde) . Box ist eine Handarbeit, innen ist vom Samt ausgestellt, weltweit limitiert auf 1000 Exemplare .
The luxury Box is from massive wood (a linden). The box is handmade, inside is exposed by a velvet. This Box set is to 1000 Exemplars limited.
In jedem Boxset befindet sich ein von den Herausgebern signiertes Authentizitätszeugnis mit Exemplarnummer und Hologramm Siegel.
In every box there is a signed SECRTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY with exemplar's number and hologramm seal.
15 CDs (White Album - 2CD), 26 Albums, 334 Lieder , 50 Seitiges Booklet (Sprache - Englisch)
15 CDs (White Album - 2CD), 26 Albums, 334 Songs , 50 Pages Booklet (language - english)
Diese Ausgabe ist nur für den russichen

The End:
Spammers get everywhere, don't they? There was one in my bed last night trying to sell me Viagra!! ;D

Dont know about the "Spammer" label so much, but it is nice to find out what other Beatle collectables are available, that we dont hear about here in the states. I never knew this item exsisted and had it not been mentioned on this forum i never would have found out about it. Dont be so harsh. There are some of us that like to know about real Beatle collectables. Not like the huge Beatle collage guitar arts and crafts project, that guy was a "Spammer"

The End:
It sounds like they're just the regular releases but in a different box. These things often aren't worth much as they're not official EMI/Apple releases - even if they are ltd editions.

Thanks for the info though :)

[quote by=The_End,m=1090869982,s=3 date=1091017028] Thanks for the info though :)[/quote]

No problemo...and the website is in German, I don't even speak German!


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