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Author Topic: Valfest 2008 - A festival for Peace and Love  (Read 768 times)

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Paul Doherty

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Valfest 2008 - A festival for Peace and Love
« on: June 27, 2008, 12:42:41 PM »

Valfest 2008 - A festival for Peace and Love
We are currently putting plans together for another Valfest,an event run by local band The Vals.This show will take place the first week of August,It will hopefully be an open-air event,permission pending, and will be a mix of acts from all over.
Last time round was kind of threw together,but this time we intend on making this something special.
Our only aim is to spread Peace and Love.
The event will be held in the west of the city to coincide with West Belfast's own festival,though it wont be affiliated to it at all.This gives tourists visiting the city for the festival a chance to experience the wealth of talent that comes from this country.
We will be showcasing a host of bands from all parts of the community,with all genres of music taking part.
All money generated from the show will be given to charity,though, admission will be very fair and cheap as possible .
This isn't a gimmick,nor a stunt,it's just a chance of getting people of all back-grounds with different musical tastes to come together for one day and do what they do best.
Peace and Love for one day at least cant be bad.....
Anyone wishing to get involved please get in touch,we'd love to hear from you.
Paul Doherty

The Vals

Email : Valfestinfo@yahoo.com
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