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A Hard Days Write

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Anybody have this?  What do you think of it?  I thought it was pretty good, but a little short on good stories if that makes sense.  Thoughts...

It's a very god book, well respected amongst the fandom world.  And pretty much definitive on what the song inspirations really were.

Right now I'm re-reading Tim Riley's Tell Me Why, a song by song breakdown that is far beter than Ian MacDonald's effort.

The End:
Yeah I have it too - like Mr C says, it's a great book. Some of thier songs don't really have that much of a story, but in those cases, the author gives us his interpretation of the lyrics.

There's a John Lennon book in a similar vain too.

I have this book. I think it's very good.

I also have it, and I learnt a lot of thing from it. For example, I had always thought "Every little thing" was JOHN's, and I got quite surpirsed when I erad it was actually Paul's writing about Jane Asher...


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