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What defines an obsessed Beatle fan? Here, we can list things that we do or things that we think an obsessed fan would do! ;D

You know you're a fan when...

...the only thing that gets you through your day job is knowing that a Beatle song could come on at any moment! (If the place plays a bunch of random music.)

...all you listen to is the Beatles or any other music having to do with John, Paul, George, or Ringo.

...your favorite movie is AHDN, Help!, MMT, or Yellow Submarine. stay up late downloading rare Beatles tracks.

List yours. ;D

When i always talk about the beatles,
Always talk about paul
Give beatles cd's to freinds or family members
Bring all my albums on vacation
sing as loud as i can while i listen
have every song memorized ( almost every song)
Look for tabs on the internet to learn how to play beatles songs
look on the internet to find out cool stuff about the beatles

i hope thats good

I have a tatto on the Beatles.
I have my mobile, my key holder and my wallet with Beatles on them.
I'm always listening to the Beatles in the car, in my job, at the beach and everywhere.
I try yo dress like Pattie Boyd thinking that JOHN would like that!

We are all upsessed! I hope thats a good thing

You know you're a fan when you wait for hours in the cold for McCartney's autograph, and each time he passes by you he teases you, shrugging and answering with an unimpressed: "Did ya? I came all the way from England!" when you fib that you've come all the way to NY from Canada to get his autograph ---- AND NOT ONLY DO YOU PUT UP WITH IT, BUT YOU WAIT A FEW MORE HOURS!


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