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I can also queue to get their releases the first one in Spain!

YKYOW... buy a bunch of sheet music to learn their songs on the piano. make your computer all Beatle-themed (i.e. desktop, sounds)

That's all I got for now. ;D

You grow your hair like them.
You masturbate thinking about Yoko Ono.
You call your children: George, Paul, John and the "Other one".
You get a kick out of watching McCartney interviews.

When a Beatles song comes on in the mall's sound system, you inform everyone around you that it is THE BEATLES.
You wallpaper your home with posters.
You join the army in hopes of meeting Sgt. Pepper.
Your only friends are Lady Madonna, Eleanor Rigby, Lovely Rita, etc...
You make it your life's misson to educate everyone on the Fab Four.

[quote by=Captain_Neil,m=1090909817,s=7 date=1091578662]You grow your hair like them.
Thats what im doing right now!


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