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I'm watching VH1 Rock Honors right now. They're honoring The Who. Which is making me remember how freaking awesome a band they are. Sheesh.

I'm psyched cuz Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Flaming Lips, etc are gonna play their stuff. Anyone catch this special? The songs sound SO fresh. Any of them could have been written just today. Well, actually, no one writes stuff that good anymore, so maybe not.

Jack Black: The Beatles never sang a song called BEA-TLES, BEA-TLES!


Who fans?

Oh Pineapple:
"love reign over me....reign..over me..."

Incubus totally ruining two great Who songs. I Can See For Miles and I Can't Explain. And the drummer is WAY out of his league. I think all of the drummers are going to have a hard time of it though.

The Who rock! Jimmy was discovered by Pete, you know.

Mr. Mustard:

--- Quote from: 682 ---The Who rock! Jimmy was discovered by Pete, you know.
--- End quote ---

Which Jimmy are you referring to?  At first I thought you meant Page, but then I noticed you have a reference to Jimmy McCollough in your post.


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