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Last movies you saw & what you thought of them

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The Box

I`ve seen Anna Karenina - the new American film with Keira Knightley and Jude Law. It is made as a theatre production with a few scenes outdoors. I enjoyed it very much! I believe that this theatrical version is very successful and helps to avoid cheap imitation of the Russian reality of that time, which is likely to be viewed by a Russian audience with a condescending smile. No such thing this time. All is very professional, the actors are perfect, especially Jude as Karenin, Keira is quite good, though a bit hysterical. The only minus is our dear Aaron Taylor-Johnson who played John Lennon in the movie Nowhere Boy, where I loved his acting. However in Anna Karenina he looked too young for Vronsky, too sweet and with very rosy cheeks like a baby. For Russians it is rather funny to see such a Vronsky. )))

I am absolutely delighted with the movie Les Miserables. Though it is rather trying... The audience cried their eyes out... (((
But it is a real piece of art!

Moneyball! Good movie with lots of tension at the end!

The Departed.  Quite the uplifting movie on a long flight.   :o


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