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Last movies you saw & what you thought of them

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The Big Wedding

made me laugh but no classic

DeNiro is great

Up In The Air - pretty good film
Friends With Benefits - unexpectedly good and entertaining; your typical romantic comedy but without any true cringe-worthy moments.

The Impossible - Ewan Macgregor and Naomi Watts.The story of a family caught in a beachfront resort during the 2004 tsunami in  Thailand. Very good movie! Powerful!

In My Life:
Silver Linings Playbook- Bradley Cooper plays a man who has just been released from a mental institution. He's trying to get his life back together after his undiagnosed bipolar disorder lead him to violently attack his unfaithful wife's boyfriend. It's billed as a comedy and it manages to be that without turning the lead character into a stereotype. It wasn't a laugh a minute but it was pretty true to life.

Hello Goodbye:
Pride Of The Yankees

Pride of the Yankees "Always"

A real tearjerker.  What a great movie!


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