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Anyone ever make the Ultimate Beatles A to Z ?


I'm such a Beatles fanatic that I've often tried to take ALL the songs from ALL the Beatles, both as a group and as solo artists from each album and single, and make an ULTIMATE A to Z compilation.

I've done this several times over the years but rarely keep up the interest past the letter 'C' or thereabouts. I doubt anyone's as crazy as I am, but have any of you ever attempted this?

Here's a sampling of a DISC ONE I made recently (*Note: The titles aren't in STRICT alphabetical order; I gave myself the liberty of just putting the "A"s together randomly, just to mix it up a bit for each Beatle):

A Hard Day's Night (B)
All I've Got to Do (B)
Another Day (P)
Any Road (G)
A Dose of Rock N Roll (R)
Attica State (J)
And I love Her (B)
Any Time At All (B)
After the Ball/Million Miles (P)
Ain't That a Shame (J)
Ain't That a Shame (P)
Apple Scruffs (G)
All By Myself (R)
Anna (B)
Another Girl (B)
All Those Years Ago (G)
Attention (R)
Angel Baby (J)
All Together Now (B)
About You (P)
All Things Must Pass (G)

what does q look like?

I did a Beatles a to z back in 1984 at my high school's radio station. Me and and my best friend  did a live on the air a to z with all the  Capitol/ EMI released material and all the bootleg stuff i had in my collection. Since we were only on the air 7:00 am to 5:30 pm it took It took about  4 days with time out only for station id, News, and public service announcements. We taped it for ourselves, But God only knows where those tapes are today 8)


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