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slick rick:
did you know that paul m pays his musicians union scale wages??????he uses only music union people.this is what i read once upon a time.
has any else ever heard this before?it was when the toyko bust occurred that an article came out saying the band had to return to england without their leader and that they lost wages,it then explained a bit about the mpl corporation and how it was run.
does anyone else recall this article?
it made me think for all the guitar creativity that denny added to pauls songs all he got was scale mad me feel that o-paulie was an unjust type of impersonal kind shredded my image of him.

I never heard it before.  But you don't get rich paying more than you absolutely have to.

I used to hear stories that Paul was pretty cheap when it came to paying the musicians. Whether this was true or not, I don't know. Denny Laine used to spread some of this I believe.

slick rick:
denny was the main guy tho.i read his woes from the tokyo deal.thats what broke him up with paul..that ordeal.


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