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Is Paul Losing His Voice?

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--- Quote from: 1393 ---Has Paul ever sung in falsetto?
--- End quote ---

I'm going to take a wild stab at this and say he did in "Tell Me Why You Cried", on A Hard Day's Night: "Is there anything that I can do-ooo?".

Also, maybe in "From Me to You", that high harmony on: "Is there anything I can do-ooo?".

Hey, isn't that the same line !!

Come to think think of it, maybe in "Honey Pie" off The White Album, goes something like "I like the light. I like that kind of music, that kind of music, play it for me, play it for me honey with blues", or something like that.


Maybe, maybe, but actually i think it`s just singing in a very high voice. John did sing in falsetto, and Paul???

Some of the singing om McCartney 11 sounds falsetto ?

you can hear all the cracks appearing in his voice and as sandra said he no longer has the sweet innocent tone he once had, everything he sings now has a slight croakiness added to it and also has a hint of droopy the dog.

On the subject of Paul's vocal abilities, which are amazing, for those who know a thing or two about singing, do you think, in his prime, he would have been able to handle a song like Bridge Over Troubled Water. I'm just using this song as an example because I've just been listening to it and I find Art Garfunkel's vocals to be very impressive. His voice though seems more trained or something. More controlled and powerful. I don't know if Paul ever had that kind of control and power to pull something like that off. I don't find Paul's voice to be very powerful, but then, what do I know! Paul does seem to have more of an ability to change it up though. Not always sounding the same.  

Anyway, I was just wondering what those of you who know about singing think about it. Or is it just comparing apples to oranges in this case? Does Garfunkel even have the range that McCartney had? I don't listen to him much, but do think he has a very beautiful voice.



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