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Has anyone read one they would recomend? I've only read one rock star bio in my life and I actually enjoyed it. It was a non-Beatle one. I'm not sure I would want to read a Beatle one that delves into things that are questionable or sensational though. Anyway, is there a Paul one or Beatle one that was particularly good?  8)


TK is trying to get you to consider Many Years From Now, by Barry Miles.

This is THE book to see the revisionist attitude of McCartney in full bloom. It is therefore a sad book. Barry Miles ought to hang his head in shame for allowing himself to be manipulated.

There is no good (let alone excellent) biography of Paul McCartney, as far as I know.

By all means get Miles' book, but you've got to read widely about Beatles (group + solo), and sceptically, if you don't want to get taken in.

I agree with Maria. Its probably the best that you can do out there though. I thought it was a good book with alot of inside knowledge even though it came directly from Pauls side. Its definately a Paul book and not targeted at just the Beatles. 

See, that's why I'm hesitant to even read any of the stuff out there. I mean what's the point. I'd have to read a 1,000 books on them. Then I'll probably only have about 1/3 of the story in full accuracy. I should just consider it my light summer fiction reading then right? Based on a true story.


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