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What was the last Beatles Item you bought?

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Hello Goodbye:
I regard my Hofner 500/1 v62, Rickenbacker 360-12C63, and VOX AC30CC2X as prized Beatles items...

But my true prized possession is my 1963 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman...

Hello Goodbye:
Welcome to the Forum, suklpm!

In My Life:
I don't think there's anyone here who wouldn't prize those possessions Barry. And the fact that you can actually play them makes it even better! I'd just have to look at them in wonder. ;)

Hello Goodbye:
Thanks, Kelley.  I bought that Country Gentleman about 25 years ago when it was just another "used guitar."  It's a true collector's guitar today.  It's called "The King George Model" these days.

The Rickenbacker twelve string played through my VOX amp has that distinctive sound heard in...

The Beatles: "If I Needed Someone" Rickenbacker 360/12 C63 & Vox AC30


The Beatles: "You Can't Do That" (George's part) Rickenbacker 360/12C63 & '67 Gibson Skylark amp

Hello Goodbye:
I'm making progress with the Hofner bass.  I need a few lessons from...

Paul McCartney teaches bass



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