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What was the last Beatles Item you bought?

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well, George's on cover magazine called "UNCUT"..

well about The Beatles...  a grey bag with The Beatles logo.


--- Quote from: 986 ---I ordered this and it arrived yesterday but wasn't in so my Grandpa will have to collect it

a book called McCartney

DVD The Tommorow's Show with interviews of John, Paul & Ringo

Alarm clock

--- End quote ---

well, did you order the bed sheet on the store of
UK or US?


--- Quote from: 596 ---How much did you buy John for, Joe? [the price dont come properly on the screen]. i paid 25 dollars for it, a year ago . Not too bad of a read  8)
--- End quote ---

The code was hiding a UK pound sign. I got it for five pounds, which is roughly 10 dollars. The other book was seven pounds. All money well spent - both hardback books.

a Wings Over America '76 tour shirt  :)

I bought Memories Of John Lennon, edited and introduced by Yoko Ono. Starting to read it. And of things it was a towel with the words Beatles and a cup for tea with the faces.


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