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George speaking German!

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The cutest thing I EVER seen!
Can someone translate this?

Not a perfect translation for sure, but this is it:
Hallo, dear freinds of BRAVO. This is George Harrison speaking. All of the Beatles were glad you elected us most popular beat group. We're very proud of our "BRAVO OTTO" and of having so many friends in Germany, expecially as we have so many nice memories of good old Germany. John, Paul and Ringo asked me to tell you this on their behalf: Thank you very very much. Thanks. All the best to our fans and all BRAVO readers in particular. Yous George Harrison.

I have to add that his German is really good ! Good pronunciation.

Thanks for sharing.

My computer wouldn't load it, so I'll have to check it out later. Is it him really speaking it though?

And I love love love your signature freakchic9 (inlove2)

^Thanks. He's mine.

haha ;) I won't let you win him that easily freakchic9!


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