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I'd like to hear what people have against Yoko, I mean REALLY. Because she supposedly broke up The Beatles? While it's true that John mostly lost interest in the band when he hooked up with her, the Beatles themselves have always said it was a whole bunch of factors, not just Yoko, Linda, or whomever.

Because she's Japanese? Because she didn't have the cheeriest of smiles? I think people bash Yoko Ono because they think it's what they're supposed to do. They don't even know why they do it -- they think it just goes with the territory or something.

Keep in mind that she was just what John always wanted and needed his entire life and she made him incredibly happy. I don't believe a person can respect John Lennon and mock his knowing what woman he needed at the same time.

So, what exactly do you hate about Yoko? Because she allegedly exploits John?
I've heard this one too, and I think it's untrue -- she has very sparingly released his extra solo work over the years, and it's always been in a complimentary form and NEVER in a way that was unflattering to his memory. Not anywhere near the absurd level that Elvis Presley's estate recycles his ghost, for example.

I realize that John needs to take alot of the blame too, but here goes. A decent person wouldnt have been caught in another persons wives bed with their husband (i'm sure Julian was impressed). A decent person wouldnt have let the tension continue to build with her man and friends/coworkers as she loitered around the studio (she easily could have said, "You know John, I think i'm going to step out for awhile so that you lads can get some work done."). A decent person wouldnt have let a wedge come between her feelings for her son and stepson. Finally, besides her ugliness, my final reason is that a decent person would not allow the public to be subjected to the crap that she sang on stage and on the albums that was being passed off as art/music. There!

AMEN!!!!!!!!! I would only like to add if anyone doubts how Yoko is, read Fred Seamans book "Last days of Lennon" a chilling account of Johns last few years and how she controlled and scared john into what she wanted, and how she used his love for her against him. After you read this you will wonder if this is the same John Lennon that formed the most prolific rock group of all time

I don't know enough about her to say. John seemed happy enough tho. Who knows really.  But really, why was the first post so confrontational? Opinions weren't even given yet and it's already implied that any reason given is going to be ridiculous.

[quote by=Fab4,m=1091400277,s=3 date=1091415568]I don't know enough about her to say. John seemed happy enough tho. Who knows really.


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