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Hi, I've been trying to make a comprehensive list of the songs each member wrote in their "solo" years somehow directed towards one another. I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten them all, so I'd like your help if you can tell me what you know.

I've separated them mostly chronologically into two categories:

Dear friend (from Paul to John)
How do you sleep (from John to Paul)
Silly love songs (from Paul to John)

All those years ago (from George to John)
Here today (from Paul to John)
Never without you (from Ringo to George)

Oh, and another question - in All those years ago, there's a verse that goes:
Now we're left cold and sad
By someone, the devil's best friend
Someone who offended all

I may be a complete idiot, but could someone tell me who this is referring to? Chapman?

The End:
This is a good topic! :)

When you say Dear Friend did you mean Dear Boy from Ram? There are a few others from Paul's Ram LP I believe - Too Many People is said to be about John and the whole Apple business too. Also the sleeve shows some photos of two beetles screwing each other!!!

When John's Imagine LP was released, it came with a postcard size picture of John parodying Paul's Ram sleeve; the pic shows John hold the ears of a pig instead of a Ram!

Any one know any more?

Re your All Those Years Ago question - yeah, I reckon you're right, that lyric is more than likely referring to MDC.

does ringo doing love me do  or that other one he did i call your name count?never without you ringo to george from ringorama


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