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How to post YouTube. PLEASE READ.

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I've noticed that quite a few of you are still having some problems posting YouTube videos. So here's a little tutorial

1. Once you have found the video that you want to display select and copy ONLY the code that comes after the '=' sign.

2. Find thew thread that you want to post on, and click 'Reply'. Above the message box you will see a line of buttons. Click the 'TouTube' one.

3. Paste the code that you previously copied in stage 1 between the two pieces of YouTube code.

4. Click 'Post', and that's it! Happy YouTube posting.

Thank you for this tutorial.

It's super useful for folks like me.

You're a GENIUS BlueMeanie!!!!  I just posted a video on the David Gilmour thread and did like you stated above and it worked!!!!!  I love you, dude!!!!!  Thanks!!!!

Has posting from YouTube changed with the forum change over?

Ehm, I think not yet. Give it a try and let us know what happened. lol! It will change soon tho.


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